UBC Fall Graduation 2022 - Commencement Ceremony Tickets


The Complimentary Guest Ticket Round closed Monday, October 31st. CLOSED

  • During this round, eligible graduands had the opportunity to book a MAXIMUM of 2 Complimentary Guest tickets for their assigned Ceremony. 
  • We cannot guarantee two Guest tickets for students who missed the October 31st deadline. There will be no exceptions for those who missed this reservation window. Any unclaimed tickets from the first round have been added to the Extra ticket inventory and distributed evenly in the Extra Ticket Round. 

Extra Paid Guest Ticket Round begins Wednesday, November 2nd, at 12:00pm PST, and closes at 11:59pm PST, the night before your Ceremony. CURRENT/Staggered Closing

  • Extra tickets will be evenly distributed based on the number of Grads and how many tickets are left in the system once the Complimentary Ticket Round has finished. There is no guarantee that Extra tickets will be available for all of the Ceremonies, but if there are enough tickets left, each Grad in that Ceremony will have access to the same amount. 
  • Starting at 00:00AM PST on the day of your Ceremony, any unclaimed tickets will become available with no promo codes or limits. If there weren't enough tickets to do an Extra Ticketing Round for your Ceremony, this will be your only opportunity to book any available seats. 

Please note, the Extra Round is NOT first-come, first-served ticket reservations. You have until 11:59pm on the day prior to your Ceremony to reserve the alloted Extra Paid Guest Tickets for your Ceremony as shown in the table below: 
Date and Time Number of Extra Tickets Available
November 23, 9:30am Ceremony 1 1
November 23, 12:30pm Ceremony 2 2
November 23, 3pm Ceremony 3 2
November 24, 9:30am Ceremony 4 1
November 24, 12:30pm Ceremony 5 1
November 24, 3pm Ceremony 6 0
November 25, 9am Ceremony 7 1
November 25, 11:30am Ceremony 8 1

1) When you are ready to make your booking, enter your one-time-use access code in the box below. Do not "test" your one-time-use access code - once you enter your code and click Go, your one-time-use access code has been used and will not work a second time. Only enter your promo access code when you are ready to complete your booking.
  • Extra Paid Ticket Round (November 2nd at 12:00pm PST - 11:59pm PST on the day prior to your Ceremony date) :   Your one-time-use access code is 22FX, followed by your student number (eg. 22FX12345). Make sure that you add the X after F- this access code is different than the first round. Do not include zeros at the start of your student number. Click Go. A blue bar should appear on top of the screen saying that the code has been accepted.
2) Click BUY beside your Ceremony. (Scroll down the page to see your Ceremony.) Book up to your maximum allotment of Extra paid tickets (as indicated in the table above). Extra Guest tickets are $3 each.

3) Add Parking (Optional).  A pop-up will offer you the opportunity to book a Parking Pass for your Ceremony. Click BUY to book parking or click CANCEL if unneeded. You will be asked for your license plate number. You may also book parking passes at a later date, see the parking section of FAQ below.

4) Create or login to your account.  If you haven't purchased tickets with UBC Tickets previously, you will need to create an account. It does NOT link to your UBC CWL/SSC account.

5) Complete the order! The order is completed once you receive a six-digit confirmation number from our system.

6) Check your email.  You should receive an email confirmation moments after completing the order. Be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder in your email program, as tickets sometimes end up there!


Day of Ceremony Paid Guest Ticket Round begins at 12:00am PST on the day of your Ceremony. CURRENT/Staggered Opening

  • Day Of Ceremony sales begin online at 12am on the morning of each Ceremony. Any unclaimed tickets from the previous rounds will become available with no promo codes or limits, on a first-come, first-served basis. If tickets are still available once the Chan Centre Box Office has opened for the day (1 hr before the 1st Ceremony of the day), those will also be available in person at the box office. Once tickets are sold out, there will be a Standby line created, in case any further seats become available. If no seats are available, guests may watch the livestream. 
  • This round is first-come, first-served and without limits. Your best chance is to act promptly at midnight, but there are absolutely no guarantees. Every Ceremony will have some tickets released, but they may go quite quickly if many students are trying to book. 

Click here to see the schedule. If you are unsure or need information on your ceremony date and time, please contact Enrolment Services, Records and Registration at 604-822-9836, or by email 

Please note: The Box Office is open Tuesday-Friday, Noon-4:00pm. Tickets may be reserved online at any time, if available.

You may email the Ticket Office with any questions or concerns specifically regarding your tickets. To inquire about your elegibility to graduate, changing ceremonies, changing your attendance status, or attending more than one ceremony as a double major, please email Grad Services for assistance.